How do we do it?

There is a quick and easy way for you to obtain a free PlayStation Network code, every single day. Your initial response will surely be: „How is this possible?“. Well, we at have managed to gather a pool of sponsors which are responsible for the vouchers you can get and enjoy. Although there is only a limited amount of vouchers which they give away every day, if you are lucky, you might be one of the people who get the voucher.


Naturally, we do not distribute the cards which they give away in an even manner. There is a much larger number of 20$ cards and only a handfull of Playstation Plus cards. All it takes is a little persistence and effort and your chance to get the big prizes rises, so don’t give up! You can access the website and use their services daily, without a maximum limit and if you do not get lucky on the first try, just keep going and lady luck just might smile down on you.

The number 1 spot

There are several reasons why the services of lead the market and attract the greatest number of Playstation players. First of all, their service is completely secure, meaning there are no risks or hazards for your system involved. All the cards that the website gives away are 100% safe to use.

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Furthermore, the website is always online, and there are always available cards for you to win. You do not have to worry that you missed the window or that time has expired, just log on and keep trying; there are always cards to win. Finally, they are fast. You can obtain a PSN voucher in a matter of minutes.

Important to note

There are several important pieces of information that users should be aware of before accessing this website to claim their prize. The website is accessible 0-24, and the cards are always out there, ready to be won. There is a possibility for you to win more than one card per day, you just have to keep on trying, and you will need a little bit of luck.


Also, the vouchers are prepared specially for your country. The site keeps track of your IP address and issues a voucher compatible for use in your country. We advise not to use proxies because you might end up with a useless voucher. Users must also be aware of the fact that they will not receive a voucher every time they complete the verification process, only the applicant who does it first will win the card.

The solution is to keep trying! In the end, the card codes available at the website are 100% safe, 100% legit and they work every time.