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Our sponsors provide us with a limited number of PlayStation Network codes that we giveaway daily. All you need to do is follow the steps to claim your free code. Cards are not distributed evenly, we get a large number of $20 cards and only get a few PlayStation Plus cards, you get the idea. Even though your chances are lower for winning the best cards don’t give up on the greatest prize!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your service more than once a day?

Off course you can use it as much as you like, it is possible to win multiple cards in one day.

Will I get the right voucher for my country?

Yes, we detect your IP address and give you the card which you can use in your country. Do not use proxies to access our website because you might win a card code which you cannot use on your PlayStation Network.

I completed the whole process and did not get the full code. What do I do?

Sometimes more than one user applies for a card and whichever completes the verification process first wins the card. If you come up short, just try again.

Are these card codes safe for use?

They are absolutely safe. PlayStation cards are provided by our sponsors and they are 100% legit.

Other Methods for Getting Free PSN Codes

  1. Points 2 Shop

Poinsts2Shop is a website that’s been around for almost eight years. It’s safe to say they’re not messing around with their business or else they wouldn’t last so long.

points 2 shop

By completing surveys, watching videos, and playing games, you’ll get the option to redeem various prizes. One of those prizes is a PSN voucher.

To start, follow these steps:

  • Register an account
  • After registering verify your account via email. You’ll get 250 just for that
  • Complete surveys, offers, and watch videos
  • Redeem your card

When you generate enough points, simply go to “Spend Points” and click on “Gamer gift cards”.

You should be able to find your free PSN voucher waiting for you.

  1. Rewards1

Rewards1 is like Points2Shop. By completing various tasks, you generate points.

When you generate enough points to be eligible to redeem your voucher, just go to rewards section and click on “Gift Cards”.


After completing your registration, you’ll find yourself on their main page. Rewards1 use points as currency, each point is worth $0.01.

The cool thing about Rewards1 is that they allow trading points among users.

  1. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a website with the same concept as Points2Shop and Reward1.

After registering you will see many surveys and offers. By completing those, you’ll generate points. Prize Rebel puts a $0.01 value on each point.

prize rebel

Redeeming a reward is quite simple. All you have to do is go to “Prize” section and open up “Gift Cards”.  Find your desired voucher and redeem it, that’s it.

  1. SwagBucks

This is another good survey website. The concept is quite like the previous ones.


After your registration and email verification, you need to visit their home page. It’s full of all sorts of different surveys and offers. Start generating SwagBucks by completing them.

To redeem your prize, you have to click on “Rewards” and visit “Rewards Store”. Choose the card you want to get and the rest is history.

  1. Whaff Rewards

This is a method for Android users. Whaff is an application which offers free PSN codes if you download and use other applications. To start, download Whaff Rewards and use BB07914 promo code. You’ll get $0.30 with this code.

WHAFF Rewards

By downloading, using, and maintaining other applications, you’re able to generate virtual coins through Whaff Rewards.

When you generate enough points, to redeem your free PSN voucher simply exchange your Whaff Rewards points for a PSN free card.

Keep in mind that these methods require time and patience. You can consider yourself lucky if you manage to get one PSN voucher in one day. On the other hand you can use your acquired points to obtain other gift cards and special offers.

Benefits of Having PlayStation Plus Card

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s premium subscription service with a ton of impressive benefits. If you own a PS console you should treat yourself to a premium membership; you won’t regret it.

PlayStation Plus is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. To start using PlayStation Plus, you’ll need to register an account on the PlayStation network. The network is also known as PSN.

If you’re not familiar with PSN, we’ll try to explain the concept as simple as possible.

First of all, PSN is a place full of fantastic video games, movies, applications, TV shows, and music. It’s all assembled in one place, categorized perfectly.

Using PSN you can:

  • Watch, browse, and buy the latest editions of games as well as some older classics
  • Stream a massive amount of PS3 games
  • Get Spotify on PlayStation Music. Listen to your favorite playlist while playing your console
  • With PlayStation Video service you can rent and watch hit TV shows produced by major networks

Now that you’ve registered a PSN account (for free) you’re ready for the upgrade.

If you decide to upgrade to PlayStation Plus, you’ll get many extra features.

Instant free games:

With PlayStation Plus, you’ll get six downloadable games every month. These games are free of charge, and you can play them as long as you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus service.

PSN usually offers two games for each console, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

The best part about these games is the value you get. For example, last year Sony offered some top-quality games. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, and BioShock Infinite were free for PlayStation Plus card users.


If you take a moment and do the math, you’ll see these games are worth around $200. PlayStation Plus card subscription is around $50 for a yearly membership. In other words, it’s worth every penny.

The second reason for having a PlayStation Plus card subscription is the amazing discounts they offer to their members.

Besides these six free games, you’ll get various discounts on new releases, betas, add-ons, season passes, and DLC’s. Some of the discounts can reach 75%!

Be sure to check their store often, there are always new discounts and promotions going on. If you see a good deal – seize the opportunity and enrich your collection of games.

To get an insight of how much you’re going to save with your purchase just look for the yellow D-pad symbol in the Store.

The most important feature is the ability to play your favorite games online. With the premium membership, you’ll be able to play AAA games with your friends anytime.

Another cool thing is the Share Play feature. With this feature, you can invite your friends to your play session. You can let them play your game remotely, even if they don’t own it!

The important thing to remember is that you can find PlayStation Plus subscription at a discount now and then. Usually, you’ll find these deals around important holidays. Christmas and Black Friday are the most popular ones, so keep an eye on those dates.

Not all people want to spend $50 buying a pig in a poke, and that’s understandable.

Sony offers a 14-day trial period for all users who are not sure; to try and see which benefits the PlayStation Plus card brings.

Sometimes 14 days is just not enough to get the real sense of the advantages. That’s why Sony offers a monthly subscription for $9.99 as well as 3-months of membership for $17.99. This way you can easily fine-tune your needs and impressions.

If you ever had problems with saving your progress in the game, you know how annoying issues can distract you from enjoying the game.

Well, it all comes to an end with PlayStation Plus card. You will get 1GB of cloud storage to save your games. The best thing is that you can upload saves from different consoles to your cloud storage.

playstation plus

Automatic updates work while your console is on standby. You don’t have to wait for new updates every time you turn on your PS, truly a life-saving option.
Use this guide as a way to take full advantage of having a PlayStation Plus card.

The investment is worth every penny. Once you feel the benefits of having a PlayStation Plus card, you won’t ever look back again.
The ability to play with friends, watch TV shows, listen to your favorite music is amazing. You can’t compare it with anything else. What’s the best part? It’s only $50 a year.

4 Ways to Get Free Games From Playstation Store

More and more games are being published at very high price. Jumping from 40$ all the way to 80$, gaming doesn’t really seem to be that cheap. Why not save 70$ per game by using these sure and tested methods to get free games from Playstation Store. This article will introduce you 5 ways to get ps games completely free.

Join to Playstation Plus

Very certain way to get games free of charge is to join Playstation Plus network. Every month users are allowed to vote for the free game of the month. Also, you’ll get awesomediscount from top games, all the way up to 80%. Also, having an awesome community, you’ll spend joyful time Playstation online playing your favourite titles.

Register to giveaway forums.

Many forums have giveaway threads, where people are happy to give away free games and psn codes. Just make sure to be active, since these codes are on high demand. One of the best forums is True Trophies – The Bargain Bin. Register an account and prep yourself to have massive collection of free games, and discounts. You can also find these forums by typing “free psn codes” in google and browsing through forums and their give away threads.  freepsncodes

Using Playstation Code Generator

This is probably the easiest method gaining accest into the vast library of free games. By using these tools, mostly found on youtube descriptions, you will get many free codes that can be used in Store to buy games, that would normally cost 80$.

Sound too good to be true. Well, it it true. These generatos are made by utilizing leaked inofmation and data collected by professional hackers to develop applications that will automatically store information into the internal PS network, hence the codes will be accepted.

These tools weren’t supposed to be free, but what can you do, applications will spread pretty easily, thanks to internet. Be sure to utilize these gens. You can even make business out of this, by selling these codes to your friends and therefore making profit. What sounds better than free money. Perhaps free games; well with this method, you’ll get both.


Playstation Promotions

By signing up into the, you’ll get e-mail notifications when there will be free games available. Also, you’ll get free newsletter and other useful information that will keep you up-to-date. You will be also notified about events. By joining these events, you might get lucky and get games free of charge.

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