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Can I use your service more than once a day?

Off course you can use it as much as you like, it is possible to win multiple cards in one day.

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What Are PSN Codes and How to Use Them?

Acquiring accurate information about PlayStation Network is becoming a tiring process, to say the least. With so many scams and websites with the misleading intention, it’s hard not to get disappointed and question the validity of every source. Luckily we’re here to change or at least compensate with valid information on PSN.

If you’re completely new to the PSN concept and want to find out about PSN codes and how to use them, you’re in the right place!

A PlayStation Network code is a unique set of letters/numbers, twelve of them to be precise, that once entered unlocks games, DLC content, movies, music and other available media on PSN. It’s as simple as that! Every code is unique and unlocks specific content on PlayStation Network.


There are two ways of using them. One is via PlayStation Network official website the other is directly from your console.

If you chose to use them via website all you need to do is log in to your existing account on PSN or create a new one. Once you’re logged in you can redeem a code and buy content for the amount that you’ve unlocked.

You can use the same service in PlayStation Store app on your console. Once you’ve selected the PSN store, head down and select ‘redeem codes’ to unlock game content.

How to Get Free PSN Card Codes?

Despite the fact that there are so many scams online that will lead you nowhere in terms of getting free PSN codes, there are ways to earn them and basically get them for free. And the best thing about it is that it’s totally legal. There are online sources that provide free PSN codes. The only way to get them is to use their services or contribute to their development by sharing them. So the question is, are you ready to earn free PSN codes?


This is a great way to get PSN codes as all you need to do is sign up by providing a valid email, and creating your password. Once you’re logged in, check their offers on getting these codes. Usually, all you need to do I watch a short video, share it on a social network or anything similar that will help them improve their services. In return, you’ll get a $20 PSN code that you can use on PlayStation Network like any other code.



The same goes for this one, as all you need to is create an account and choose your method of earning the codes. You can complete a survey, watch a video, find an interesting offer in giveaways section, or watch a video! Earning free PSN codes via completing a survey is the most respectful way of earning them. By doing so you’ll contribute to development and improvement of their service, and in return as a reward, you’ll get a free PSN code. Again, this code can be used like any other purchased via physical store on via PlayStation Network.



Did you know that you can get PSN codes via AppTrailers as well? What better way to get your hands on free PSN codes than by watching a couple of trailers? Start by creating the account and confirming your email address once you receive a confirmation email. Once you’re ready to start, pick a video that you want to view and watch it. You can’t skip it, or fast forward it. There is no way around it. To get codes for free, you have to sit tight and watch the entire video. Once you’ve finished it, watch another one, then one more. Once you have enough videos watched on your account, you will unlock a PSN code that you can use as if you’ve bought it.

app trailers

How to Use PlayStation Network Codes

So you got your hand on a PSN code, what now? Now you can use it to unlock content and start downloading it. It’s a simple process, but if you don’t know anything about it, it can seem complicated. By following these steps, you’ll be able to download any content that the code provides on PlayStation Network.

So let’s start!

  • Head to PlayStation Store and select the service.
  • Head down to ‘redeem codes’ and select it.
  • Once you’ve selected it, you’ll be prompted to enter your code.
  • Enter the code carefully and pay attention to capital letters in it. Separate each four digits with a dash.
  • Once you’ve entered your 12-digit code correctly, you’ll be prompted to confirm it.
  • The next screen that will appear will notify that you’ve successfully entered your code.
  • Accept the confirmation and head to the next screen.
  • The menu will show that you’ve unlocked a specific content and that you can now access it.

To get your unlocked content head to your library and start the download! It’s as easy as that.

Bear in mind that these 12-digit codes are extremely sensitive. Each character should be entered correctly, and each set of numbers/letters should be separated by a dash.

What is PlayStation Plus and How to Use it

Sony Interactive Entertainment has allowed the users of PlayStation Network to have access to PlayStation Plus. So what is PlayStation Plus, exactly?

PSN Plus enables downloadable content on PlayStation Store, access to online multiplayer (for games that support multiplayer) and exclusive discounts.

So let’s review all three offers that PSN Plus member has been bestowed upon.

By becoming a member of PSN Plus, you’ll have access to free monthly games as well as other downloadable gaming content. This includes DLC’s, music and movies. Each month PSN Plus provides with free games that users can download and play for as long as they have that account. So it’s important to get those games even if you don’t feel like playing them at the time. Simply unlock them and start the download to acquire them.

ps plus play more pay less

Online multiplayer allows you to get the most of the online gaming experience by playing with your friends. Compete in online matches and challenge your friends as well as other players online. It’s a great way to meet friends and share your experience.

Exclusive discount is also available on PSN network once you start your membership. Stay updated and get your hands on various discounts that you can use for your next purchase. These discount offers are available only for a limited amount of time, so you need to act quickly in order to get them. However, once you do get them, you can use them whenever you want.

What is PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now is a unique streaming service that is available on PSN since 2012. It allows users to play games that they don’t own. Sounds confusing right? Actually, it’s quite simple. It all started with Gaikai, a company that provides technology for streaming high-end video games. They were founded in 2008 only to be discovered and acquired by Sony Interactive in 2012. What they allowed PSN Now users is to basically rent games that they don’t digitally or physically own, and play for a limited amount of time.


As a PSN Now user, you can look for a specific game content and rent it for as long as you want. For example, if you want to play a specific game but don’t have the money to buy it, you can rent it for a specific period. This way if you want to play a game and finish it all you need to do is to rent it for a couple of days. Instead of spending over $50 for a game, you will spend considerably less by renting a game. This allows PSN Plus members to get their hands on games that are otherwise too expensive for them, and experience this new and unique streaming technology. Next to searching for a game title you can choose one from the list that PSN Plus provides.

PSN Discount Codes – How to Get Them?

Getting PlayStation discount codes is a concept that is usually misunderstood and misinterpreted. To clear any doubts about this topic, let’s shed some light and further elaborate. PlayStation discount codes are available for each and every PSN Plus user. Once you get your subscription, you’ll have access to these codes that unlock discounts on game prices. It’s important to mention that you can’t get a discount on a DLC content if you don’t own the original game. These codes are offered every once in a while on PlayStation Network. All you need to do is be an active user and check each month for these exclusive discount codes. One of the easiest ways of getting your hands on these codes is to sign up for PlayStation Newsletter. This way, every time they offer them on the PSN you will be notified via email that you’ve provided upon the signup. They can unlock a discount on a game up to 70%, so it’s worthwhile checking every now and then.

playstation discount code

Being a member of the PSN community has a lot of benefits. You can save hundreds of dollars by using these codes. Instead of paying a full price for a game always check for a discount on your account or email. This way you can spend considerably less and save that money for buying games that don’t have a discount.

Advantages of PSN over Xbox Live

Don’t own a console yet? It’s time to get one and have the ultimate online gaming experience. However, you might be still debating on whether you should get an Xbox or a PlayStation console. Fortunately, you can make this decision a lot easier by figuring out what each console has to offer in terms of services. Although some sources suggest that Xbox Live services are much faster than PlayStation Network, it is highly debatable, as we’re talking about two competitive gaming companies.

xbox vs ps

Advertisement plays a significant role in marketing strategies of both companies. So it’s only natural to assume that some of the stories are deliberately manufactured to harm the reputation of the other company. But there is one thing that can’t be misinterpreted – the facts. So let’s look at what PSN has to offer to its users.

Free monthly games.

Xbox life doesn’t provide free games on a monthly basis. PlayStation Network, however, provides six absolutely free games each month. And these games are pretty awesome, to say the least. So for a one-year subscription, you’ll get over 70 games over 12 months.

Exclusive Discounts

Discounts are another advantage that PSN has over Xbox live. You can get up to 70% discount on a game if you know where to look. This way you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on buying games over a period of one year.


Games on PSN are available on both PS3 and PS4, as well as on PS Vita. So it’s clear which service provides bigger benefits to its users. However, it’s on you to decide which one to pick; we’ve only shown you the truth. It’s on you what to do with it.

Best PlayStation Exclusive Games

Wondering what exclusive games are? Each console, as well as a gaming device, has exclusive games that can be played specifically on that device. This means that they’re unavailable on other gaming devices. And PlayStation is known for having a reputation of providing best exclusive games. If you’ve never played a game on a PlayStation console, here are a couple of game titles that will surely pique your interest and possible make you a hardcore PlayStation gamer.

Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End

Several years after the events of Uncharted 3, Nathan Drake (the main protagonist) is living a peaceful, domestic life doing an honest underwater salvage job. It’s clear from the start that he yearns for the thrills of his treasure hunting days. Naturally, his situation is about to change. A presumed to be dead, Drake’s brother Sam returns to him with an offer he can’t refuse. And so the story begins. Anyone who’s even a remote fan of the Uncharted series knows that players are up for an exciting adventure, with an enticing action-oriented gameplay. As the name suggests this will be the last chapter of this game franchise, but the way everything was summarized should be an example of how console games are made.

uncharted 4


Here is a title that all action and horror game fans will truly appreciate. It’s also a game not intended for the usual gaming audience due to its difficulty. It requires patience, careful planning of attacks as well as resources, and a lot of brakes in between gaming session. Otherwise, you’ll end up making mistakes that will cost you dearly in terms of completion time. If you’ve played any Dark Souls game before, you’ll have the advantage of knowing what you’re getting into with this one. If not, you need to keep two things in mind while playing. Don’t rush into battle without a solid strategy, and remember that the key to success here is patience.

bloodborne psn

The Last of Us Remastered

Once again you have the chance to step into shoes of one of the favorite protagonists in post-apocalyptic gaming titles. The difference between a PS3 version and this one isn’t exactly mind blowing, or at least not as you’ve imagined, but you can definitely tell the difference. What’s important is the increased frame rate that goes up to 60 fps. So, next to stunning graphics that go way over the PS3 rendering capabilities, you have a chance to experience a smooth gameplay and complete one of the best PS games ever to be created.


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