(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

If you were wondering what might be some of the best games for you to pick up off the PSN then I think we have just what you’ve been looking for with a top ten list of some of the best games to ever appear on there. We’ll be going through the best and most interesting titles to make their way on the notorious gaming network and give you all the information you need to make the right decision in choosing just which epic title you want to spend all your free time on! Let’s get right into this epic list, shall we?


When this game was finally released on the PS3 console it won an insane amount of awards and has gotten popular worldwide for its outstanding mechanics, graphics, and multiplayer gameplay. And for anyone that thought that it couldn’t excel any further you’ll be happy to know that the game goes up to 1080p resolution on the Playstation 4 console.


Don’t Starve

Are you one of those people that like to spend hours upon hours at an end building up your base, scavenging for resources, hunting and advancing in technology? If so then you need look no further than Don’t Starve, and pick up the most iconic survival games on the market! You’ll have an endless amount of fun trying to survive the most heinous of problems and creatures, so you better sharpen those spears and armor and be quick to find bigger and better weaponry least you meet your untimely demise.

Shovel Knight

Now this one is undoubtedly if not the best than easily in the top three of the new roguelikes that have come up on the market in the past decade! This game will bring you all new encounters every time you actually die in the game. And when you do, you get to choose the previous character’s heir, which has his own set of pros and cons, and if that isn’t enough for you, the maps and enemies randomize each time as well, making sure that truly only the most skillful of players get through this game!


Trine Bundle

Are you more of a social player? Enjoy playing with friends while solving puzzles, problems and working together in order to get a job done? If so, the Trine Bundle is exactly what you need! Get the bundles for the friends that you want to play with as a perfect holiday present and then enjoy trying to organize them in game while playing one out of three iconic characters of the game!


I believe that this titan of gaming innovation requires little introduction. Being bought out by Microsoft itself, but not fast enough for it to not have snuck it way onto the Playstation Network, before getting more Xbox-centric. However, if you’re an enthusiastic builder, that enjoys either making small hovels and homes, or entire worlds of creative amazement, then you really need to get yourself a copy of Minecraft. Enjoy in the block centric world and make your childhood dreams come true, making the most amazing or most absurd buildings and contraptions alone, or with the help of your friends. The possibilities are near endless in this builder game!


Axiom Verge

While this game truly does look like it should have been made for and during the time of the 8 bit NES games let me tell you, that this game runs like a seamless dream and is extremely fun as well! Whether you enjoy just being trigger happy, or exercising your mind with some intricate puzzles, both of those itches will be scratched quickly and easily by the intricacy of this great title.

Escape Plan

The game’s antagonist, Bakuki, is hell bent on annihilating our two heroes Lil and Laarg, and it will be up to you to make sure that the escape with their lives! Maneuver through a deadly prison filled with even deadlier traps and once you get past ninety levels worth of them, you will have escaped their dangerous situation. A game that will offer you a lot of fun and is definitely worth picking up as soon as possible!


Race the sun

Do you enjoy time racer games? Because if so Race the Sun is most definitely the game for you. Play a solar powered solar crest as it races towards the sun in an action packed race against time. If you’re the type of person that needs to kill time every once in a while this game would be a great pickup for you, because you can play it short increments whenever you need to have some fun while you’re waiting for real life to pick up the pace!

Broken Age

A point and click adventure that will leave you speechless. This adventure was released in two parts, made by the legendary Tim Schafer. This game is a stunning piece of hand painted 2D art, which truly depict an amazing adventure of the two main character’s interacting stories from two points of view. Vella is a maiden stuck in a world that feeds their young and beautiful women to hungry monster, while Shay is a kid who craves dangerous adventure.


Minecraft Storymode

We were all surprised to hear that Telltale would be releasing an intricate spinoff on the world’s most renowned block based builder game. Everyone once in a while you’ll find an episode of an un-categorically entertaining story that most people seem to not be able to get enough of. You get to play as Jesse, whom you can choose to be either male or female, as you embark on your legendary quest to scour the Overworld in search of the notorious Order of the Stone. Good luck leading young Jesse on his quest, and help him succeed as best as you can.