(Last Updated On: June 29, 2017)

When it comes to PlayStation Networks and games that you own, you’ll naturally want to earn as many achievements and trophies as possible. It’s a vast gaming community and the more achievement you own, the more you’ll advance your social gaming status on that network. And adding a game on your ‘virtual shelf’ just isn’t satisfying enough.

This is why some gamers focus their whole gaming experience on PlayStation Network towards acquiring trophies and achievements. It’s not easy, but then again if it were easy it wouldn’t be fun, right? So if you consider yourself worthy of bearing the trophy hunter title, you’re probably searching for games that provide easy to acquire trophies.

If so, you’ll want to read this guide in depth and find out which games are worth your time, and from which you can get trophies without breaking a sweat.

The Order 1886

The order want’s the mutant Lycans gone; the Lycans want the humans eradicated from the surface of the earth, it’s on you to resolve this problem and bring peace to the earth. The game doesn’t offer much regarding exciting gameplay, riddle solving and planning your every attack. What the game does offer are easy trophies.


The price for this game was pretty unreasonable when it was released; luckily the price dropped to about 15 $ making it affordable for anyone. If you consider that the price is still high, you can always try to win free psn voucher codes and unlock the game for free on PlayStation Network. So how easy it is to get trophies in The Order 1886?

The answer is, pretty easy as it seems. The only thing you need to do to get virtually every single trophy in this game is to complete the story. If you need a little help acquiring the trophies you can consult with this guide and make sure that you don’t miss on a single trophy.

You won’t need more than five hours to do so during which period you’ll collect most of the trophies. By the time you’re close to finishing the campaign, you’ll get even the hidden trophies thus completing your trophy hunt. This game is the perfect example of how you can get easy trophies without breaking a sweat.

My name is Mayo

There were, without a doubt, some rather unique games on PlayStation Network, Steam, and other gaming communities. But there is one that surpasses them all regarding ingenuity and oddness. It’s called My Name is Mayo, and it’s way more fun to play than it sounds.

No matter how much your eyes are focused on the prize, you will definitely enjoy playing this game. Trophies like ‘No Brainer,’ ‘Red Bikini’ and ‘Something Important’ are some of the easiest you’ll acquire in My Name is Mayo. There are countless guides that you can follow to get trophies, but most of them you’ll get by following the in-game tutorial.


There is a list of them on the side, and each of them features a brief description of how to acquire them. So what is My Name is Mayo? Well, apparently its’ game in which your ‘severed hand’ as the developers named it, taps on a jar of mayo to produce various sounds.

And that’s about it. The game is a ‘no brainer’ in general so don’t expect more than that. However, if relaxing and unwinding is your goal, then playing My Name is Mayo is a perfect way to do so.

Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale games brought us many exciting titles, recreating the universe in the original titles that they revamped in a unique storytelling style. Tales from the Borderlands is yet another interpretation of the Borderlands universe, characters in it and of course situations in which the main protagonists find themselves in.


It’s an amazing game with great story and interesting game style. But what about trophies? Is it easy to get it in this game as it is in other? It most certainly is. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to play the game twice, choosing the opposite answer from the one you chose in your first playthrough.

Other than that, there are a couple of hidden trophies and challenges that require attention to detail to spot them. So how long do you need to get them all? Approximately three to four hours if you played the game before and if you skip all the cutscenes. And being that you are a professional trophy hunter, you have no time for watching cinematics, cutscenes and short movies in the game.

The Little Acre

If you love walking simulars, point&click and other games in which you move your characters with a simple click on the button, then you’ll love this one. But you’re not here for the game solely, right? You’re here to get some trophies. So let’s get to that part right away.


Getting trophies isn’t easy in most games. Luckily we’ve picked a couple in which you don’t have to spend days, or even months, to collect all available trophies. The Little Acre is a fun adventure that won’t take more than a couple of hours of your time to collect all the trophies and add them to your collection.

You can find tutorials on how to get them, of if your pride forbids you from making such actions you can find them yourselves as they aren’t hard to spot.


Playing Unravel will bring your such excitement and joy, which you’ll forget about your trophy hunt. The game does require a keen eye to spot all the secrets, but with a little help from any guide, you’ll get them before you know it. By completing the game, like in most adventure games, you’ll unlock about 70% of available trophies.


You can either play the game again and collect the ones that you missed out or hunt them from the start, covering every single area of the map. It’s extremely satisfying to collect trophies in this game, so you should have no motivational problems.