(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

Hello and welcome fellow PS4 enthusiasts! I know you’ve all been waiting as eagerly as we have to get our hands on Sony’s new wunderkind that is the Playstation 4 Pro. If you’ve always thought that perhaps consoles were not as good as your typical PC rigs in terms of performance well I hope that this changes your mind. We’ll be going over many, if not all the features, that really put the PS4 Pro at the top of its respective market, right here in this article, so let’s jump right into it shall we?

PS4 Pro look and design

It does look different, in comparison to the Playstation 4, it has a three block design. It symbolizes that the new PS4 Pro has a lot more fire power in its trunk, ready to give you the sublime experience you’ve always wanted from the comfort of your sofa, and believe me; it delivers just as much as its new design and appearance promises!


Who can play PS4 Pro?

Now I know a lot of people have been panicking on whether they would need to update all of their already pre-existing gaming libraries in order to play their favorite titles on the new powerhouse of a console? Well, let me be the bearer of great news, because no, you do not! All the games you already own will work the same as they do on the new console; the only difference is that the new titles that are coming out will actually benefit from the new consoles added component power.

Meaning that the game developers will be most certainly taking into account of the new machine on the market and utilizing it to bring you their games with better graphics and performance, so that you, the consumer, can enjoy the games in their full glory! There will be no exclusivity to the multiplayer network, so even if your friends don’t have the new console, you will still be able to play with them regardless, making sure that it is truly only an upgrade choice, and in no way or aspect, a downgrade or an inconvenience.

Do you need it to use PSVR?

No, no you do not! You can enjoy all the features that the Playstation’s Virtual Reality has to offer on both the standard Playstation as well as the PS4 Pro. The only real difference is, of course, in the quality of your experience, and the Playstation 4 Pro will most definitely enhance both the graphical visual, as well the general frame rate in which you will get to enjoy your games.


The new and improved console can do as much as bump the FPS of the games you play in VR from 60 to 90, or from 90 to 120 FPS. So if you’re a stickler for those pesky frames and want to enjoy it as much of them as you can, you know what to do, get yourself a new PS4 Pro.

What can the Playstation 4 Pro do?

Now this is a whopping list of accomplishments for our developers at Sony because they have given their machine quite the upgrade. Now depending on what the game developers actually want to do with their games and what features they might look to bring to the table, the console itself offers a variety of new and improved features that will allow them to better present their games to the chosen elite players.

The console will offer the use of 4K resolution quality supported on gameplay, and video, meaning that both the cinematic and gameplay experience can be vastly graphically enhanced, as well stabilizing a higher frame rate on the already higher resolutions. Which not only means better visuals but also more seamless gameplay, giving you the really smooth feel that those higher frame rates offer instead of the gimmicky 30 FPS we were once so used to looking at!


Now as if that was not enough they are also giving better graphical rendering, so if you combine all of these three features alone you will get a remarkably better experience. Graphical rendering is a very important aspect to any video experience because with it, your machine will be outputting much better “things” to look at on that very large resolution and seamless frame rate, talk about a trifecta!

What kind of content beyond games can you use

Now not only will you have your gameplay experiences increased, but should you be looking for another type of content that you could use on your new jet black PS4 Pro, you will most certainly have an option to! Netflix and Youtube are making their own respective apps that will stream their content in 4K resolutions, allowing you to view some of your favorite series, and independent creative content in the highest definition that video can be supplied to you, from the comfort of your console.

How much stronger are the components

Well depends on what you want to know. If you’re interested in the console’s storage, then you’ll be happy to know that the console starts with 1 TB of data storage, and you can also add more space to it, should you want, or need to do so. Now if you’re interested in the GPU, it has double the power of the old GPU, and in terms of the CPU, it’s also getting a clock boost, the GPU clocking in at 4.2 teraflops from 1.84 teraflops, so that’s quite a substantial increase in the consoles component power.

You will also once upgrading the firmware on your old console, be able to transfer all of your saves, games and preferences to your new and improved one, with nothing more than an Ethernet cable connecting the two consoles, making the transition quite literally, painless, quick, easy and satisfying.