(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

Offering quite an unusual view of the battles between completely different cultures, For Honor is the latest multiplayer combat game available for the PC as well as both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The multiplayer is teamplay based and it places players on the battlefield where they fight enemy team in order to win the match. A no frills combat arcade, For Honor also offers an interesting single player campaign that is split into three stories centred around the in game available classes of warriors.

You can play as Vikings, Samurai and Knights and it takes around four hours to complete the violent single player stories. An eye-raising combination of warriors sets a great stage for some of the gaming’s most brutal and visceral close combat based multiplayer combat experience.

Seeing how the warriors of For Honor are only clashing each other in this game world it was what it seemed an unbelievable combination of in-game classes in the beginning that raised our suspicion on how it will all work out.


Trailers for the game raised a lot of hype among gamers worldwide and we have to admit that there was so much shown in the trailers that looked promising at first. The graphics were amazing and the combat gameplay that was shown seemed fluid and realistic.

Also, there was the coolness factor for being able to fight as a Viking versus a Samurai Warrior. Axes versus katana swords, how cool is that? We got our game for reviewing purposes using a neat free game code service. This service helped us getting our hands and made this review possible.

So, looking at the good feedback from both reviewers and gamers and also looking at the number of sold copies since launch, For Honor certainly is a successful game release. Yet, is it worth it? Let’s find out, shall we?

A smashing single player campaign

The main story for Samurai, Vikings and Knights is divided into a campaign that in our opinion mostly serves as a tutorial for the multiplayer side of the game. Even though players have around four hours of single player experience at their disposal, we are certain that most of them bought the game for its multiplayer fun.

Single player campaigns offer a chance to train and get good at various combat techniques and practice controls and improve reaction times. Seeing how this will benefit the multiplayer combat later on it certainly is very welcomed.

We would say that the story for the three classes is okay overall and there are some nice cut scenes and a bunch of dialogue that has a certain appeal. After completing each level players are given rewards and a summary of their performance so this is nifty for those that want to replay and complete levels with a 100 percent efficiency scores.


The stories are linear and are taking place in huge areas of the game world although there is no freedom to explore since every step of the way is scripted. For Honor uses a simple system of three available combat stances for each of the in-game class of warriors so there is some flexibility of gameplay although it comes with certain limits too.

As you progress further through the story you get to level up your character’s skills and unlock some of the feats that will be available for activation during combat.

The story does get really bloody at certain points although that is to be expected for a game where there is visceral close combat with cold weapons. Single player campaigns will definitely leave gamers satisfied and more importantly – prepare them for what will follow in the dynamic multiplayer matches.

An intense and visceral multiplayer mayhem simulator

Once you join in on your first multiplayer match you instantly get the feel for how For Honor was designed for its multiplayer gameplay. It becomes obvious how single player story was there as a tutorial for the battles of the multiplayer. The modes for online battles are split into several categories.

Players can choose from Duel, Dominion, Brawl, Elimination and Skirmish multiplayer modes to play with and against their friends and other players. Each mode is pretty different from the other and we will go into detail on what specifically separates them.


Duel multiplayer mode is a pretty standard one versus one mode that is great to show skill in the battle until death. Spawning locations are random and there is always the danger of being thrown from a cliff or a fortress wall and there are plenty of other death threatening hazards, seeing how For Honor includes environment based interaction too.

Dominion mode puts teams of four players on each side against each other in a battle for supremacy and control over the objectives on the battlefield. This mode offered, in our opinion the most fun of all as it is dynamic and required us to use teamplay and tactics to win each match. By conquering certain areas teams gain points that get them closer to winning the match.

Brawl is a multiplayer mode where teams consisting of two players on each side enter a battle until one team takes the victory. Players can choose to each fight a single opponent or rush to help their teammate defeat the single one.

Elimination is a mode where teams of four players in each team fight each other until every player from one team is eliminated. This game mode has a timer and so the team with the most points will win if the time runs out before the first team gets wiped out. In this mode, players are spread across the map and paired against the opposing enemy and can choose to fight or go and help their allies instead.

Skirmish mode creates a team versus team battle scenario where the main goal is to reach 1000 points for the victory.
The battles take place on a variety of well-designed maps which are riddled with spikes, cliffs and other opportunities to throw or impale your opponents and thus finish them off faster.

For Honor requires complete focus and concentration in order to anticipate the moves your enemies are about to make. The combat is fluid and fun and matches offer a nice variety of different game modes. The game runs and plays smooth and we’ve had no frame drops so that is a testament that shows how the game is really well optimised on all platforms.

Ping and latency are satisfactory so there is nothing to hinder the online gameplay quality.

We are overall impressed with the hours of fun we got out of For Honor multiplayer and so it is perfectly reasonable as to why the game got a good reception from the gaming audiences around the world. Offering hours of online fun with friends and strangers, For Honor certainly comes highly recommended from us.