(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

Ubisoft’s hack and slash game For Honor is finally released. Ubisoft first unveiled the game on E3 2015 promising a unique take on competitive multiplayer, with a focus on 3rd person dueling. This is accomplished by what Ubisoft calls ‘the art of battle’ melee system, which makes the battle fast-paced, accessible, but still based on skill and strategy.

Just like before buying any game you should consider pros as well as cons and then decide if the title is worth your money. So is For Honor worth buying? No one can tell you that bput yourself, but we’re here to give you an honest review of this game by providing facts instead of fictions and assumptions on game mechanics, graphics, sound and multiplayer.

Factions, clans, and classes

For those of you who don’t already know, For Honor is all about a war between factions. There are three of them, the Vikings, the Crusaders and the Samurai. In this version of history, all three factions are located relatively close to each other thus the conflict, as they all, naturally, have different ideas on what utopia is and how to get there.

The samurai came from a far-away land, the Vikings, being that conquering new lands suits their nature arrived on the same spot and Knights are just there for some reason trying to defend the land that is somehow theirs. Now, this is the basic concept of the storyline and how it came to be that these three great factions battle each other.


Unfortunately, not everyone can do that, so we’ll just continue telling you what’s what in this game so you can decide in the end whether you should buy it or not. Every Faction has four classes. There are divided into heavy attackers, light attackers, medium attackers and another wild card of a class in each faction. All of them having a different set of skills, weapons, and perks.

Where one faction has light attackers that are good at controlling the area, other have heavy attackers that are basically berserkers that devastate anything that can’t keep up with their stamina bar. Pretty basic right? Actually, you’ll beg to differ once you start playing the game. Although they are roughly the same in each faction, each class is unique and allows players to develop various play styles.

Covering the basics of fighting system

Each class has a limited amount of stamina that naturally allows them to perform various moves. Heavier classes have more stamina and health than light classes, but due to the low speed of their attacks, they are vulnerable to fast and counter attacks. There are some major flaws in the game mechanics.

In particular, players tend to gang up on a single target and organize their attacks to defeat the entire team by separating and isolating each target. The developers tried to balance this by introducing the ‘revenge’ mode. This ‘revenge’ mode is triggered after a series of successful blocks.


While a player is in this mod, they’ll have increased armor as well as damage, making them a one man army for a limited amount of time. The problem with this mode is that players will try to misuse it. By simply blocking every attack that you place they’ll fill their ‘rage bar’ and use ‘revenge’ mode to devastate you and your teammates.

Another problem is item stacking. After each battle players will get rewarded with a certain item or set of customization. The problem with this is that there is no balance in multiplayer. For example, players that have the game from the day it was released will have better equipment for playing longer than others that just bought the game.

This type of game is focused on multiplayer, and it’s a shame to see such game mechanics go to waste only because developers failed to notice a couple of major flaws.

Hoping for the best

With this current version released it remains to be seen how much it will stay on top in competitive multiplayer as a title. Mentioning the success of Overwatch last year might give hope to those who actually want this game title to succeed. But considering that some major flaws are basically ruining the entire multiplayer experience, the question of this game’s future success remains.

If developers notice their mistakes and pay attention to the feedback, they just might add an update that can fix it all. The thing with updates is that developers usually release them only once they are absolutely sure that current version is literally unplayable. And this remains to be proven by players.

There is always a way of going around these issues by creating a game style that disables other players to use flaws in the multiplayer system to their advantage. However, for this to happen, the game has to have other qualities than a potentially great multiplayer system with a few flaws.


Future gaming

Since the case of false advertising with No Man’s Sky, everyone started to actually think before buying a game. No matter how big the expectations are, not a single game deserves to be pre-ordered. As mistake of one developing team, lead to a lack of trust among gamers. So the least that they can do as developers is present with what they have promised.

No more false advertising, and no more showing enhanced versions of game titles that, once they’re released, don’t look anything like on the presentation. Regarding For Honor, you’ve learned everything that you need in order to decide whether to buy the game or save your money for something better.