(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

March is almost over, and with only a couple of days more until the official announcement of free PSN games for April, we can only assume what to expect at this point. Just like with previous months, it’s advised to look for a leak around 27th of each month and have a sneak peek at the list.

There is, however, one freebie game that was officially confirmed by Sony Interactive. But what about the rest of them on the list? Well, we’ve got a pretty good idea what they might be. So starting off with what we know, here’s what to expect from April’s free PSN games.

Drawn to death

Some of you may know him as the creator of God of War. David Jaffe is also responsible for bringing us Twisted Metal in 2012, so at least we know what to expect with this one.


The entire game is set in a sketch book arena, where players have a chance to drop their sketched characters into the battle directly from the hands of the creator. It resembles Twisted Metal in a way that it’s a fast-paced third person shooter, with plenty of juvenile concepts of weapon contraptions.

For example, one of the weapons available in this game is a small portable dragon, Sketchy, that fires blazing fireballs as you feed him with gasoline to replenish ammo, and possible his unquenchable thirst. Knowing that this is one of the six games that will be available for free on PSN for April

Lego city undercover remastered

Another title highly suspected to be on the list for free games on PSN next month is Lego City Undercover Remastered. This fun adventure, set in the all too familiar Lego world, is bound to bring excitement and interesting gameplay for all fans of this genre.


The developers TT Fusion have done a decent job mixing up GTA open world concept with Lego universe, delivering this unique action-adventure game in the process.

One thing that we can expect from this remastered Wii U game is a faster loading screen. We can all agree that the length of loading screen in the original game drastically decreased the enthusiasm for playing it. Now you can enjoy playing as an undercover cop, Chase McCain, for hours without losing your patience every time the gameplay is interrupted with a loading screen between the cut scenes.

The one that we all want on the list

A simple fact that Persona 5 isn’t excluded from the list of possible games on PSN for April is sufficient enough to let us hope that it will indeed be available as a free game for the next month. So what can we expect from Persona 5? This game is based on a long-running Persona series, where Persona 4 Golden was undoubtedly the best title.


Persona has always been a game with a unique blend of traditional turn-based RPG, with social elements. The series follows a group of teens set on a mission to save the world and resolve their own issues through the process. And this is exactly what made these games so popular; there is a moral to the story.

This is something that not many game titles can be proved of delivering to their fans. If you’re an anime, old school RPG, a fan who’s looking for a long gameplay in a video game look no further. Persona 5 will bring you more than 50 hours of exciting gameplay!

PaRappa the rapper remastered

Here is one for the younger audience interested in the rap culture. This game can be easily presented as a Mickey Mouse Club version of a rhythm video game, where players get the chance to ‘battle’ other characters found in this universe of cardboard rappers.


Hit the right buttons on the “U Rappin” meter and prove that you’re the real MC in this fun-to-play game. The best thing about it is that it’s for the whole family, so you all gather and share the experience.

Bulletstorm full clip edition

If you’ve played this game before then you know what to expect regarding gameplay and storyline. However, being that it’s a whole new edition of the game there are some things that have changed for the better, concerning graphics at least. High-resolution textures, increased polygon counts, Sterling audio, smother frame rates as well as 4K on PS4 have been added.


This makes Bulletstorm that much fun to play. It’s safe to say that all of the above-mentioned things are pretty big improvements. It actually looks better than the original, unlike most of the remastered games. We’ve all noticed what poor job developers of Assassin’s Creed did with their remaster of a game that is easily the best in an entire franchise of AC.

Remains to be seen

What we expect and what PSN users will get at the beginning of April can be two entirely different things. However, there are some assumptions that some of the games listed are indeed going to appear on the PSN free monthly games list. The only thing we can do is wait and have our fingers crossed hoping that our speculations will come true. As every previous month has taught us to check for a PSN leak before the list is published, we can confirm our assumptions around 28th of Marth.

PlayStation Network has done an amazing job bringing us unique titles over the past months. Although some of the titles weren’t exactly what we hoped to get, a pretty decent amount of free games was actually worth waiting. Games like Green Fandango Remastered and This War of Mine were exactly what PSN users wanted to see on the list. Provided that the PlayStation Network heard our prayers we can expect the same quality in games for this upcoming month.