(Last Updated On: May 30, 2017)

As another month comes closer to an end, PlayStation Network users find another reason to wake up happy and excited. With each month PSN offers its users free monthly games and June is no different.

As always there is no official list of games, but members of this awesome gaming community have developed a pretty keen sense for predicting which games will be released before they actually hit the virtual shelves of PlayStation Network. Good word spreads fast, and if the rumors are true, you should prepare for extremely exciting month of gaming.

With sources from all sides, providing with information about which games will appear and which definitely won’t appear next month in the list of freebies, we’ve come up with the closest prediction of a list of free games on PlayStation Network for June.

Good of War 3 Remastered

Now there are many God of War fans that would love if this game would appear in the list of freebies in June 2017 on PlayStation Network. However, there is nothing to confirm our speculation about this game being on the list, except for the fact that the new God of War game is announced to be released this year.


With God of War Remastered on PlayStation Network, fans of this epic game title would get hyped even more and pass the time until the new God of War game is released.

We’ve all seen it and we all know how it starts and ends. But does that make the game less interesting? The answer is no, as there is that much quality in the game that it can be played again and again repeatedly.

If you want to add the game to your collection but your subscription is past due or suspended for some reason, you can acquire free psn card codes and add the game. PlayStation Network can have technical difficulties while fixing the subscriptions, but this doesn’t mean that you should miss this golden opportunity.

The Crew

There is a lot of debate about whether this game will appear on the list of free games for June. One of the possible reasons is that because a sequel of The Crew is announced to be released anytime from now. So what’s so great about The Crew that should make you want to play the sequel that isn’t even released yet?

The first thing that should get your attention is the score that The Crew got on IGN, Metacritic, GameSpot, etc. The fact that it was developed by Ubisoft Reflections and Ivory Tower implies how much quality there is in the game. And although it’s not the best driving simulator, the sequel might prove to be one of the best online racing games yet.


Although the game really resembles Need for Speed: Most Wanted in a way, the game feels unique and provides that adrenaline rush as you race the track escaping your pursuers in the process.

There aren’t many racing games that provide this much excitement when playing ‘catch me if you can’ game. In other words, yes The Crew should be released on PlayStation only to hype up the release of its sequel, but it doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game which purpose is solely to promote other games of its kind.

Hand of Fate

So what is Hand of Fate and why should it be on the list of free monthly games on PlayStation Network? It is a card game, but it offers so much more. If you’re a fan of card games, but at the same time can’t stop playing action adventures Hand of Fate is a game you’ll never forget. So about the gameplay.

You are playing a card game against a mysterious card dealer. He seems friendly and does a great job of commenting on card’s abilities and narrating, but he is dictating the game and manipulating the cards to kill you.

So your task is to survive and get as many cards as you can from each battle and encounter. As you progress, you’ll unlock more powerful weapons, rings, armor sets, as well as shields and swords.


The game is as interesting as they come mostly due to the dual game mode that it provides. So you’re facing this mysterious card dealer that although trying to kill you, behaves rather friendly. As he manipulates the situation with cards, presenting different situations, you’ll encounter numerous foes and battle them with your equipment.

Your equipment is your deck, and your powers are cards in those deck, every time you enter a battle, you spawn with your current set. The fighting system is similar to Shadow of Mordor, or Arkham series, so if you’ve played those games defeating goblins, skeletons and bosses in this game won’t be a challenge.

The game is surprisingly interesting even for gamers that don’t like card games in particular. After you complete the game and collect all of the cards, you can enter a never ending mode where you battle foes until you fail to succeed in battle. You’ll also encounter all sorts of enemies that aren’t available in the story mode, and this is exactly what makes this game so interesting.

Life is strange

Life is Strange is a long running series initially released in 2015 on both consoles as well as PC. The reason why we think that this game deserves to be on the list of potential free games for June is that it is a great game and we haven’t seen any new sequel over two years.


There are rumors that Life is Strange will hit the shelves around September, but there is no confirmation. The only thing we can do until the official release is confirmed is play through all five chapters of the game and hope that by the time we finish it, the sequel will be released and available for purchase.