(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

Each month PlayStation Network provides free games for its users to download and add to their collection. But this is a widely known fact. What’s less familiar is how awesome is every single game released this month on PSN. As always there will be games for each console including PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

So if you haven’t decided yet which games you’re going to download and add to your collection, take a look at the review of each free game on PSN for May 2017. There is something for everyone, so no matter if you’re a fan of adventure, hack & slash, or straight up shoot ‘em up games you’ll certainly find something for your taste.

Tales from the Borderlands

When Gearbox first used Unreal 3 engine to create a Borderlands universe, they never imagined that years from then, their story would get a tribute from Telltale games. Anyone who played even one game from Telltale series knows how thorough the developers are with each franchise recreated.

If you never tried any games from Telltale series, now you have a unique chance to try one for free, provided that you have a subscription to PlayStation Network. If your subscription ended and you aren’t in the financial situation to extend it right now, you can always get free PS4 card codes and get access to free monthly games.


In this adaptation of Borderlands stories, you’ll follow Fiona and Rhys as they venture together searching for the vault of course. What’s interesting about Tales from the Borderlands is that the two protagonists are completely different one from another. One grew up on Pandora, and the other is a loyal Hyperion employee who sees Handsome Jack as a personal idol.

As their paths collide, they start to understand that only by putting aside their differences can they succeed in this daring mission to unlock the infamous vault. The events occur long after the events of Borderlands 2, but there will be some familiar characters from Borderlands universe.


Need time to relax and unwind? What better way than by playing Abzoo. This is a game for all fans of mystery, adventure, exploration and visually stunning atmosphere that only games like this can provide. No matter if you played any similar exploration game, playing Abzoo will provide an unforgettable gaming experience. The plot is fairly basic.


You wake up as a scuba diver on an unfamiliar island and immediately jump into the water in search for answers. Players will explore the marine world in search for some of the most amazing underwater cities left by a mysterious civilization. So if you’ve had a tough week, or just want to relax and play something to ease your mind this fantastic adventure is just what you need.

Blood Knights

PlayStation 3 had some great twin-stick shooters, and Blood Knights should definitely be on that list. Blood Knights is third-person hack and slash game with elements of RPG. This is the closest description for this game. Now, as you start playing it, you might notice that it’s not the best hack and slash game that you’ve ever tried.

But then again, it’s completely free, so why shouldn’t you add it to your collection. There isn’t much complexity to either progression system or combat system. It seem that all you need to do to defeat tons of enemies is hold a button.


Most of the powers are passive and the ones that aren’t will only upgrade your current combo. But hacking through hordes of enemies can be surprisingly fun, even though the combat system is, as mentioned before, pretty dull.

Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants

If you’ve played Sid Mayer’s Civilization or Rome Total War, but weren’t particularly good at any of them, Port Royale 3 is definitely a game you should try. Not only that you’ll be good at destroying other pirate ships, conquering towns and buying and selling merchandise, but you’ll spend hours playing it as well.


The gameplay is extremely addictive, so once you’ve completed the tutorial you’ll forget about time and focus only on progressing in this game. You’ll literally do nothing else but play Port Royale 3, so if you’re ready to live in an imaginary pirate world playing this game will provide the exact experience that you’re looking for.

Laser Disco Defenders

What better way to pass the time than playing a game on PS Vita? If you’ve completed all your Vita games, you’ll be pleased to know that now you have something to get excited for. This is not one of those games that you’ll forcefully play until you complete it only because you have a bad habit of finishing the things that you start.


No, with Laser Disco Defenders, you’ll actually enjoy in every minute of playing this game. The game features popular disco songs, so if you’re a fan of music genre, you’ll have yet another reason to appreciate this game.

Type: Ryder

There are only a couple of games that focus on providing accurate facts about history. Surprisingly enough, Type:Ryder is one of them. The players follow the adventures of two dots in their 500 years journey throughout history. The goal is to learn about the fascinating history of typography. Not the most exciting topic right?

But if you give this game a chance, it might just surprise you with how interesting it is and how much you can actually learn about history from it. In this 2D platform game, you’ll be able to learn how fonts had an impact on our society and how they changed typography forever.


Once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it, and the direction that typography was headed was greatly affected by a couple of fonts that we use to this day. It’s a reasonably fun game that will teach you a couple of facts about typography that you didn’t know before.