(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

We’re back once again with a round-up of free games for lucky owners of a PlayStation Plus subscription. Just like in months past, Sony has made six games available this October for their loyal members. They haven’t forgotten about the most important holiday this month.

Owners of a PS4 console will be able to enjoy Halloween in style with a cult classic horror game. So, without further ado, these are the Free PlayStation Plus games for October 2016.

Actual Sunlight, PS Vita

actual-sunlightActual Sunlight is a game that places you in the shoes of a young professional living in Toronto. You play the character of Evan Winter as he navigates his way through different periods of his life.

This is not your average game; it’s an interactive adventure focusing on work, depression, and love. It touches upon various, but often bleak, subjects with a linear story.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, PS Vita

code-reallizeIn this visual novel adventure game, you play the Character of Cardia. She lives out her days in an abandoned mansion near London. In her body lies a poison deadly to everything she touches which makes her a monster in the eyes of locals.

One day her life is forever changed as Royal Guards barge into her mansion to capture her. It is at this very moment that she meets thief Arsene Lupin with whom she escapes and sets out on a quest to find her father.

From Dust, PS3

from-dustFrom dust is a “god” game reminiscent of Black and White. You can only control and shape the land by picking up water, earth or molten hot lava and putting it down elsewhere.

That way you can create islands, mountains, valleys, lakes, bridges, and other things. You have no influence over what the tribe of people assigned to you do, but you can help them survive and flourish while battling against forces of mother nature

Mad Riders, PS3

mad-ridersMad Riders is a fast paced and arcade racing game made by Tech Land. In it, players can perform incredible stunts while racing at break-neck speeds. There over 45 stunning off road tracks from to choose from.

With shortcuts made into each track, players have to use all their skill to win. Boost skills can also make a world of a difference in this game made to be played with friends.


Transformers: Devastation, PS4

tranformers-devastationWith cell-shaded graphics, a great soundtrack and adrenaline-raising action, Transformers: Devastation is not a game you want to miss.

It’s a highly polished gem that has a great combat system, as well as epic boss fights. You can choose between five Autobots to start any mission, and take advantage of unique skills.

Resident Evil, PS4

resident-evilFinally, we have the one and only Resident Evil. There’s no better way to spend Halloween than by playing this HD remastered version of a fan favorite.

Whether it’s your first time or another play through, you’re going to enjoy every scary moment in the mansion outside Racoon City.