(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

Being a member of gaming community such as PlayStation Network has quite a lot of benefits. Members have a chance to shape the gaming industry by actively contributing with their opinions on gaming development topics, in return PlayStation Network offers free monthly games as a token of appreciation.

And as each month passes, new free games arrive at PSN. Wondering what games PSN has to offer next month? The thing is that no one has official information about free games in the upcoming month.

But as always information leaks and people tend to pass that information to gamers, being that they are good Samaritans. So go ahead, have a sneak peek and find out what games you can expect from March on PlayStation Network.

The Order 1886

We all heard about this game and seen the score from IGN, but nothing compares to actually playing the game yourself and figuring out whether it’s any good.

Order 1886 offers stunning graphics that’s undeniable, but what does it have to offer regarding gameplay and story? The story is set in an alternate version of London during the end of 19th century. As it turns out the human race is threatened by half-breed species called Lycans.


The war was all but lost until humans found out about the existence of a strange liquid called black water that heals all wounds and does magic to lacerations and any damage to the flesh in general. Technology seems pretty advanced even for an alternate reality.

Nicola Tesla is mentioned and involved in contributing to weapon research; players will be able to enjoy impressive gadgets and weapons like the arc and thermite gun.

The gameplay is rather linear, where the only thing that separates you from your objective is a room full of enemies. If you’ve played Gears of War, you’ll be more than familiar with the shoot-behind-cover combat system.


Many PSN related predictions match, and they all mention Abzu as the next free game on PlayStation Network. So what is Abzu? Abzu is a marine exploration game where you take the role of a mysterious scuba diver as we venture deeper and deeper into the ocean and collects information about alien artifacts and technology.

Now you can probably finish the game in 2-3 hours, but you’ll be missing out on the story behind it. Every part of the game hides a secret room or area filled with murals and esoteric paintings that shine more light to the “alien civilization” topic.


Pretty straightforward twin-stick shooter game where you decimate everything and anything, including various alien species, as you venture deeper towards your goal destination. Regarding storyline, there isn’t much to say.

The Earth gets invaded by aliens, and it’s on you and your team to exterminate every last one of them squishy bugs. If you’ve played Helldivers before you’ll handle this game pretty well. You can play solo or with up to 3 friends adding up to 4 players in total.


There are only three classes- Tank, Bio Specialist and saboteur. The tank is, as the name suggest, a class for both support and damage infliction, and if his offensive and defensive abilities aren’t enough, he also has the ability to call air support and eliminate all alien life in the vicinity.

Saboteur provides players more tactical approach with cloaking ability, but when push comes to shove this class is fully capable of handling tough situations. Finally, we have Bio-specialist who acts as a medic in this scenario.

Collect resources, upgrade weapons and skills, all in order to be more efficient at slaying bosses and tougher enemies. The variety of weapon types allows you to plan your approach and really customize your team before heading into battle. If you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters Alienation is a game title you definitely shouldn’t miss out.

No Man’s Sky

Due to false advertisement and pre-order option that tricked quite a lot of players into buying the game before anyone had a chance to review it, No Man’s Sky became an extremely poorly rated game.

Not only that, but it also became an example of how false advertisement can affect the gaming industry. But is the game itself really that bad? Expectations can lead to great disappointments, especially when a game is presented in the best possible light before the release.

But now that No Man’s Sky is released is it possible to simply forget about false advertisement and give this title another chance? If we were to look at this game as any other that just got released, it would get pretty decent reviews. Anyone who appreciates a good exploration game would notice the qualities that it has.

Visiting alien planets, discovering species and collecting resources to upgrade your ship and suit is what this game is really about. Now that you have a chance to add this title to your collection for free, you might actually enjoy the game and think of it differently.

Fat Princess Adventures

Fat Princes Adventures is a fun and witty hack and slash game with a little different approach on the genre than PS3 versions of it. As before you can play with one of four classes-Warrior, Engineer, Mage and Archer.


You can also change your class anytime your reach a checkpoint. Funny dialogues really spice up the linear gameplay, where in most situations you have to go from place A to place B to save the princes. The path is filled with enemy NPC’s that as you kill them drop loot that helps you upgrade your items and armor.

There isn’t really much else to say about the gameplay itself except that it will give you a laugh. If you haven’t had a chance to try any of its predecessors, this March you can enjoy thy Fat Princess Adventures for free on PSN.