(Last Updated On: May 4, 2017)

PlayStation Network never seems to stop surprising us with more and more free and awesome games released on the market. Every month PSN users are able to add free games to their collection. And this month something special is on display. Grand Theft Auto online Tiny Racers was released on 25th of April. Wondering what it is?

If you remember the good old times where games were played solely in arcades, you might get a hint at what this game is all about. Before we got online multiplayer system and high-tech devices to play games on, video games were much simpler.

There was a pattern by which game developers created games. But what made Rockstar Games release this retro mod as an addition to already ultra-popular fifth installment of the GTA series? Let’s see what Tiny Racers is all about.

What is GTA Online Tiny Racers?

Grand Theft Auto started as a bird’s eye view, rampage, shoot-‘em-up arcade type of game. The main goal was, as the name suggest, to focus on auto theft which will eventually elevate player’s status in the crime world. GTA Online Tiny Racers brings players back to that style of play.


This new racing mode allows you to compete with your friends online in a bloodthirsty race where everything is allowed. Next, to pushing and shoving cars, there is also a couple of weapons that you can use eliminate other racers and finish first.

Weapon pickups are generated on the track and each player is able to acquire them. Use bombs, rockets or machine gun to eliminate your opponents and finish the race in the 1st place. Next to three types of weapons that you can use to get advantage over other racers, you can also switch vehicles.

Multiplayer setup menu

Create your own race and adjust game settings to get the ultimate experience out of this retro-looking racing mode. The multiplayer server settings are pretty basic. The first and naturally most important thing is setting up the radio. The server determines which radio will play during the races so it’s on you to set the mood for this unforgiving death race.

It features every single radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, so you can play your favorite songs while racing with friends. Next to this, you can also choose players that you want to invite, which is great. This gives you full control over your server, as other online players that can’t simply join your session unless they’re invited.


Setting the time of the day allows you to choose whether you’re going to compete during the day, enjoy a nighttime race, or race during the morning hours. You can also set the weather making the conditions more or less difficult. There is also an option of enabling or disabling the power-ups.

So if you and your friends aren’t too excited about the weapon pick-up concept, you can simply turn it off and enjoy in an old fashioned race. PlayStation Network indeed allows its users to get PS4 games for free on the market, but none of them are as promising as this one.

It’s safe to say that GTA V Online is responsible for making Tiny Racers so popular. Time will tell how long it will keep people’s attention.

Progression system

As you advance and earn money you’ll be able to unlock new cars and improve your chances of winning in the next race. Each race is different, so every time your win the race you’ll earn different prizes and upgrades for your ride.

There isn’t much to it as it’s more like a mini-game than an actual expansion or DLC. The developers had in mind to create something to add to GTA Online and let players have fun while reminiscing on the old days of gaming in arcades.


It’s apparent that retro style was embedded in the game so that it adds the ‘old-school’ look to it and reminds players of games like Twisted Metal series, Vigilante 8 and every other race-shooter type of game that was available on first PlayStation console back in the days.

Keeping the attention

Being that Rockstar Games already announces that they are working on Grand Theft Auto VI, it’s possible that they are keeping their fans occupied by releasing mods like Tiny Racers while they make the next sequel. If this is true, we can easily expect more mini games like this released on PlayStation Network market during this year.

GTA V has already amassed huge numbers of fans, and the developers want to keep their attention. In the first 24 hours, Grand Theft Auto V was sold in more than 11 million copies earning 11.2 million dollars in worldwide revenue.

Three days after the release this number reached 29 million dollars. So it’s safe to say that the developers have quite a large number of people depending on them to create an even more awesome sequel to this popular game franchise.