(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

Do you love board games? If you’re a fan of online multiplayer and board games at the same time, Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy will provide the ultimate MMORPG experience. Cryptic Studios, the developers of this game, had one thing in mind when creating it.

So the idea to combine Dungeons & Dragons universe with an online experience on a PlayStation 4 console became extremely well accepted. The game offers players to choose one from eight characters and explore this newly created universe online for the first time.

Let’s see what this game is all about and how well it plays on a PlayStation console. Next to gameplay and graphics, we’ll also discuss the game mechanics distinguishable for massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

Gameplay on PlayStation 4

The gameplay is fairly simple, so anyone that played an MMORPG game before won’t have problems figuring out how it works. But then again, this is not just about any online game. This is Neverwinter. And although the story is in no way related to any prequel of Neverwinter Night series it is set in this universe.


This new expansion brings tons of weapons, spells, skills and a unique story to unravel. Battle your way trough variety of dungeon-type areas, defeat powerful foes and get amazing prizes. Each new area that you’ll explore is filled with NPC’s that will give you unique quests.

The game was released on April 11th for PS4, so if you didn’t get your hands on a copy, you can do it now with a free psn code. No need to visit a store, you can do it all online. So try your luck and get a chance to win this code for free.

Early bird catches the worm

Haven’t reached level 70 yet? Getting your hands on a free Mulhorand weapon will help you do that without breaking a sweat. But how do you get it?

Every PlayStation Plus member can get this weapon for free on PlayStation Network. But you need to act quickly as the offer is available only until May 12. So if you haven’t bought this expansion yet, head to PSN and get it now, and as a bonus, you’ll acquire this unique weapon.


With Mulhorand in your inventory, you’ll easily level up and reach level 70. With this epic weapon that boosts your might with every level, you’ll easily dispatch every foe that you encounter. And it’s usable by all classes, so you don’t have to start over and create a new class.

The campaign and river district secrets

Being that most of the campaign quest are set in the river district of Neverwinter universe, it’s safe to say that there’s a lot to explore. The story begins as a new threat appears calling themselves the Wizards of The Cloaked Ascendancy. Again it’s up to you and your four companions to bring order and peace.

The campaign is divided by goals. So it’s to you to decide which way you want to go. By focusing on ‘New Boons’, discovering artifact weapons, or completing the master version of the Spelplague master dungeon, you choose your own path.


Another neat trick that every Neverwinter player should know about is getting a promo gift. If you head to ‘Protector’s Enclave’ you notice a merchant with a gift icon hanging above his head. Interact with this NPC and get the ‘River District’s Treasure Cache’ under the ‘promo’ tab.

It will get you a Refiner’s Cache, Blood Ruby, Silver, Dark, Radiant and Azure enchantment all of which are rank 7. You’ll also get five packs of Preservation Wards, so it’s definitely worth having. There’s a lot more to explore in this new expansion so make sure you find every quest and pick see what they offer in the rewards section.

A unique grinding style

During the constant battle between Protectors and the Ascendancy, players are encouraged to get as many items from battles and event. These items will prove useful for a variety of quests, and you can also get a hefty sum of gold by selling them on the market. When selling important resources, make sure that you’ve finished that stage of the campaign.

You can get all sorts of rare weapons, items, and artifacts by defeating mobs along the way, or by completing daily quests with your guild. By participating in an event with your guild you get a chance for an increase in rewards upon completion of that particular event.


Another useful tip when selling resources and items on the market is to match the price with your competition. And what is your competition if not other players willing to sell items for resources? So it’s advisable to check the price so that it matches with the most of the similar items on the market.

Avoiding this golden rule may result in never selling the item. Players that want to get their hands on easy money will usually fail to do so, as players usually check every item on the market before buying. The best way to grind your way up to fortune is to complete daily and weekly quest.

You can also upgrade Guard Posts or loot Dig Sites. But whatever you do, don’t focus your grinding on slaying mobs wherever you meet them in the district. This is, by far, the slowest and the least interesting way to get resources.

Start playing online today for free

The game is really a mix of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, with elements from various popular RPG games released to this day. So if you’re a fan of this franchise, or just love board games, set in this Dungeons & Dragons universe, Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy will bring you lot of fun.

Compete with your friends, form guilds, and protect your realm by becoming the ultimate hero! You can also meet interesting people with same interests as you, so it’s great for socializing as well. If you haven’t done so already, get your hands on this expansion and start playing today for free!