(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

It’s that time of the year again when families come together, and we celebrate the Christmas spirit. There is, however, another reason to be even more excited for holidays as PlayStation Network offers great deals and discount on games during this period. Now you can have an even better Christmas by enjoying one of your favorite games. Take a look and find out what holiday deals PlayStation Network offers this winter season.

Grand Theft Auto V

We all know and love this game. And what’s not to love about it? There is an open world element to it, followed by great graphics as well as AI response. The storyline is rather interesting, and it remains one of the key elements that makes this game so great. Follow Trevor, a redneck psychopath, a retired bank robber Michael, or Franklin as they earn their way up doing all sorts of illegal activities.


PlayStation network was known to give discounts before but they’ve definitively outmatched themselves this time. If you haven’t played it before, be sure to get it now and save 40% on the purchase. Without mentioning how successful this game was, game developers already announced GTA VI to be released in 2017. Add a couple of years to that, and we might see GTA VI by the end of 2018.


This gruesome game was published by Rockstar North and released in 2003 by Rockstar Games. Don’t let the fact that it was released over 13 years ago fool you. If you enjoy playing stealthy psychological horror games, you shouldn’t miss out on this one. It’s full with blood and gore and definitely not intended for audience over 18.


The story follows James Earl Cash, a convict who was spared from death penalty and placed in a crime-infested city, as he follows gruesome instructions from “The Director”- a man who promises his freedom after the night is finished. They don’t really make games like back then as you might have noticed. This is a must have game, and now you can get it for 8.99$ saving 40% on the purchase during the holidays.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Plus

Another strategic covert-op kind of game where you plan your every step in order to reach the goal. You take the role of an XCOM commander in an international paramilitary organization that is devoted to riding the world of the extraterrestrial menace. The gameplay itself consist of you deploying and managing a squad of 6 units into the battlefield. Now eliminating threats in these types of games sounds pretty easy, but there is always a catch that makes it so much difficult.


Different countries fund the organization XCOM, and it’s on the player to provide adequate protection to these countries in order to continue the financial support. If the funding gets cut, then you won’t be able to provide new upgrades and equipment to your team, and this is what makes this game so interesting. Basically running a paramilitary organization during an alien invasion makes you feel like a single parent working multiple jobs in order to support your family.

Eventually when your squad mates actually survive a couple of missions and get promoted you become attached to them. Every decision matters in this game, and as you’ll soon find out playing it, you can’t save everyone. Now you can purchase this awesome game for only $6.99 saving up to $20 during the holiday sale.


This is a really well done point and click adventure game with incredible artwork presented in a cool cartoonish style. Developed by Amanita Design, Machinarium takes place in a land inhabited only by robots. You follow the story of Josef, a robot that was thrown out as trash as he tries to unveil and eventually stop Black Cap Brotherhood’s plan.


If you love point and click adventures with creative design and awesome cartoonish graphics this one will surely lift your Christmas spirit. Save up to 50% by getting this game during the third week of holiday deals on PlayStation Network.

Hitman the Complete First Season

It’s finally here, the complete season of a game that we all love so much that we somehow tolerate the fact it’s been divided into episodes. This is something that never been done before in Hitman series. Eidos decided that it’s better this way, perhaps to attract even more fans to the franchise. Although they originally intended to release the final episode in January 2017, Eidos surprised us and gave another reason to be excited for the holidays.


Regarding the gameplay, there isn’t really much that has changed, and graphics are slightly better than the last sequel Hitman Absolution. The story is set seven years after the previous part, as you follow agent 47 in various international assassination missions. Being that there wasn’t a respectable James Bond game so far, Hitman can always fill this hole as it feels surprisingly righteous to play as agent 47.

This is of course only because you are always sent to assassinate genuine villains. So basically you’re not the bad gut, except that you are paid to assassinate people for money. But using the lesser evil principle players were always able to convince their conscience that the protagonist is doing the right thing. So be sure to check PlayStation Network’s holiday sale and get this game for $35.99 and save over 20 dollars with a 40% discount.

PlayStation Network was always able to surprise us with the amount of either free monthly games or with huge discount on games. This year we can all enjoy Christmas a little better and appreciate the small things in life. Be sure to check the last week of holiday sales on PSN as it may reveal ever more awesome games. Also, remember to contribute to gaming society by commenting and suggesting what you want to see in future gaming.