(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

The game lots of people had time to try out in its early access is coming to an end. Soon the game will hit the shelves, and while everyone is wondering what class they should play, we had something on our minds that we wanted to share with you.

There are tons of ways you can level up and become strong in this MMORPG, and we have chosen eight steps how you can become immortal in this fun game. If you are looking for more tips on this game and many others, check the out on psncodefree.net. Without further ado let’s get down to the tips and tricks we have compiled for you.

1. Play the full campaign

Skyforge is a fun and interactive MMORPG game and its filled with a massive world and tons of fun things to do. You may want to head out of the beginning zones and start exploring and fighting the moment you see the enemy from the other faction, but if you want our advice, it would be smart if you first experienced the campaign.


The developers have left you with the possibility to choose so you can go out and start whatever you want, but if you want to play the game how it was supposed to be played then you will start from the beginning and finish the campaign first.

2. Make sure to complete the training

Another thing which is crucial, do not skip is the training part. If you want to come out and fight the bad guys, that’s fine with us. However, if you want to get out and fight the toughest and the badest guys, then you should complete the training first. This can also be a fantastic time to start playing with your friends so you can all complete stuff at the same time.

3. Unlock the class switching

There is another thing that makes this MMORPG unique in a particular way. As a player, you don’t have to create several characters if you want to experience different classes. You can switch from one at the touch of the button. All you have to do is unlock the class switching feature after a certain level, and you are good to go.


This makes the game a perfect balance between the class that you want and the class that you need to pass a certain thing in the game. If you get stuck, nobody needs to help you if you want to do it on your own. The class switching is one of the most powerful abilities we have seen in the vast MMORPG genre.

4. Get to know your stats

In this fun and interactive MMORPG, you don’t level up in the standard way. You get prestige, and with it, you edge closer to becoming a god. Once your prestige is high, you can unlock certain powerful abilities and equipment that is beyond godlike. However, to make it that far you will need to get to know your stats as your toughness and agility will depend on how fast you gain prestige and what you spend it on.

5. Upgrade your equipment

The game has tons of equipment, and they are all on different levels. There are four levels uncommon, rare, epic and legendary and only the last two are not accessible without a good party. The first two levels will be obtained by standard means, doing quests and the such, but the last two are only accessible when doing dungeons and raids with a big group. So, spend your points and upgrade that equipment you have because it could be some time before you get better gear.


6. Use Bastions to increase your might

There are three different building where you can increase your might. The Cathedral, the Tower of Knowledge, and the best one, the Bastions. The first two basically work the same, but the biggest boost to your might can be gained in bastions. Do them all if you can, but don’t neglect the Bastions as they are superior in every way.

7. Use your abilities wisely

In this game, there are no healers. So, when you are fighting aliens and tough monsters, you have to keep in mind the best way to deal with the threat. Once you kill them you will gain a small orb that will heal you, so don’t save your abilities for later, use them whenever you can and don’t risk dying. It takes some getting used to, but with a bit of practice, you can be the best player there is.

8. Gain new friends and join a guild

Every MMORPG is a new world with new and unique quests and people. If you want to become the ultimate warrior, you can take the lone wolf path, but ultimately you will have to join up with some people if you want to see the end game content. There are tons of raids and epic loot waiting in those dungeons it’s best if you get a good guild and do the hard content with them. If you are not keen on playing with a guild from the start, you might want to play with your friends.


The game has a good bonus and learning curb when you play with your friends, and every time you slay monsters, you get double the loot if you are playing with your friends. The experience might be shared, but you can do harder areas and beat tougher bosses with your friends so it might be better to play with them.


So those were the 8 tips we had for you if you want to become immortal in Skyforge. The game is incredibly fun, and we recommend you tackle the quests one by one as there are tons of ways to play every one of them so you might want to try all the classes before you get into the higher leveled dungeons. We hope you liked our tips and if you have any questions or you want to leave feedback make sure to comment bellow.