(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

The battle of the ages is upon us, and the console war is heating up right here in this article, and we plan to give you direct coverage! Now we also don’t plan on playing favorites, we simply want to give you all the pros and cons of both, and truly help you make the decision on joining one of the teams and getting your respective consoles. So let’s all behave and fight with honor, as we jump into the battle of the ages!

Performance VS Video player

Being that these consoles are overall very different, so are the things that they offer are obviously much different. For example, if you’re looking for performance power in order to get the most out of your gameplay, you most certainly cannot go wrong with getting a PS4 Pro, simply because the specifications of the two consoles in terms of their components are close to incomparable. The Playstation 4 Pro has a GPU clocking in at about 4 teraflops, while the Xbox console is closer to 2, specifically 1.84, so the raw power of the consoles goes severely in the Playstation’s favor.


However, the one thing that the Playstation 4 Pro does not have, is a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray reader, specifically on the Xbox One S. But still, the Xbox One is in no way on par in ways of power or components, if you are a Microsoft fan and want more power in your console; I suggest you wait for the Xbox Scorpio. So to surmise, if you want gaming power, the PS4 Pro is the way to go, and if you’re just looking for a decent console that also offers good Ultra 4K HD Blu-ray capabilities, that happens to be a bit cheaper as well, get the Xbox One S, if these things happen to be deal breakers for you, moving on!

The difference between resolutions

There is actually quite a big difference to what these two consoles offer in terms of how they render out the video of the games that you play on them. Let me try to explain. If you had Xbox games before, the Xbox One takes the resolution, and upscales it to a 4K resolution, without actually rendering anything differently, so you won’t see better textures or details so much so as you will just see more pixels. While this can be good if you simply want to play on a larger television, and this will allow you to do so without it being squashed on your screen, there are no actual graphical improvements to the games that you will be playing, unfortunately.


The Playstation 4 Pro, on the other hand, will not only be able to push further than Full HD 4K resolutions, it will be able to go even further than that, even though we haven’t received concrete information about the numbers, there have been confirmed talks of pushing even over the 4K mark, which is outstanding and will truly allow for some interesting game development and reproduction options. So even on this point, the Playstation takes the victory, blowing the Xbox out of the water, so if you’re really looking to play games on very high graphics you should pick up some games for that new shiny jet black PS4 Pro.

Component difference

As aforementioned the components that power the PS4 Pro blow the beloved Xbox One and Xbox One S away, the only thing that gives the component setup of the Microsoft consoles is the Ultra HD Blu-ray reader that it has installed. Now while that is quite an oversight on Sony’s part to not add it to their already titanic console, in the long run, it might not make too much of a difference. Why you ask? Well it’s quite simple, while it is true that the Xbox will be able to read Full HD videos from the Blu-ray, both of the consoles are actually capable of streaming 4K content, meaning that while the Playstation cannot do so from a disc, if you choose to watch any content online, or otherwise that happens to be in Full HD resolution, you will be able to enjoy it without restrictions.


However bear in mind that you will actually have to beyond the console, also own a TV that is powerful enough to utilize the console’s raw power to output that, otherwise the fact that the console actually can output that level of video excellence, there will be nothing to receive and reproduce it, thus taking away the pleasure from your wanting eyes.

Supported Games

Luckily for anyone who was wondering, both of these consoles are able to retroactively use games that came out before the console itself. Meaning that some of them might even get some graphical enhancement such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but even the ones that will not offer any graphical amazements such as the new titles will, you will see better resolutions as well as better frame rates on your new consoles, and with the new games you get you will definitely getting more bang for your buck. To surmise, older games get a resolution upgrade, while the newer ones will be getting the full package treatment depending on the level of detail that the developers from games want to take it with the whole new level of production that the consoles themselves can deliver.


I think it is fairly obvious that the PS4 Pro destroys the Xbox One if you’re simply looking for gaming power and want to have a powerful console that can simply deliver very high-end content consistently. However if you think that you will be wanting to play Full HD content directly from the discs that you have, as a Blu-ray collector perhaps, then you should probably go ahead and buy yourself an Xbox One, it will be cheaper and will offer less of a gaming experience, but you will be streaming your video on a much higher level.